Awards: James Appel Scholarship, Humber School for Writers Correspondence Program in Creative Writing; Wildbranch Writing Scholarship, co-sponsored by Orion Magazine and Stirling College, VT.

Current CNF project–Sainted Dirt: Marginal, Maligned, Neglected & Peculiar

TNQ Blog Posts (sample):

“Driven: Liz Windhorst Harmer on the Gifts of Pain.”

“Implicated: In Conversation with Caterina Edwards.”

“Claustrophilia: K.D. Miller in Conversation with Mike Barnes.”

“Breakthrough on Retreat,” http://www.tnq.ca/blog/breakthrough-retreat.

Pushing Boundaries: In Conversation with Erika Thorkelson.”

“The Wrong Way: A Conversation with Sierra Skye Gemma.” 

“’The Desire to Understand’: Lisa Martin-deMoor on Crafting the Personal Essay.” 

Print (sample):

“Still Life” (fiction), Stone Voices, spring 2014.

“Between History and Story,” The New Quarterly, no. 128, 2013.

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“Lit from Within: The Essay Gets Personal,” The New Quarterly, no. 124, 2012.

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“Where I Want to Be: Introducing Leesa Dean,” The New Quarterly, no. 114, 2010.

Temple in a Teapot (West Meadow Press / Harland Press, 2010) limited edition chapbook with illustrations by Wesley W. Bates; book design by Pamela Woodland.

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