I am a nonfiction editor. I specialize in memoir, essays (critical and personal), and in spiritual life story writing.

Editing is an empathetic act. An editor’s job is to guide you deeper into the work, so you can realize your vision and release it to the world.

“A truly great editor will help writers to become the best possible version of themselves and free the writers to do their best work. Susan is a writer-editor who understands the importance of a mutually respectful editor / writer relationship. From the beginning I felt that she understood me at rare level and with that came safety in both making myself vulnerable and in taking my writing to the next level. Susan is pure joy to work with. She is engaged, professional, and skilful. She respects both writer and writing and her mentorship and editing skills are unsurpassed. Working with Susan Scott has been a profound and liberating experience.”

–Lindy Mechefske, author of Sir John’s Table

The New QuarterlyCanadian Writers & Writing (TNQ) is one of the country’s leading cultural magazines. TNQ writers regularly win prestigious prizes such as the Giller, Governor-General’s Awards, the Journey Prize, the Rooke-Metcalf Award and National Magazine Awards.

Nonfiction works I’ve edited for TNQ appear in Best Canadian Essays and Best American Essays. They have also been nominated for Pushcarts.

I’ve been with TNQ since 2005. In 2012, I became the lead nonfiction editor. In 2016 we opened the popular Soundings series, innovations in spiritual memoir, or “spiritual memoir with a literary bent.” The works in that series went on to become the backbone of my anthology, Body & Soul (see Publishing).

TNQ service nonfiction highlights critical issues in creative writing and the glorious peculiarities of the writing life.

And to scholars:

Scholarship that is engaging, cogent and well-argued is a joy to read. It’s also an increasingly rare find. I work with humanities and social science authors who want to reach interdisciplinary audiences through distinguished presses such as Oxford. Sample projects include:

Education Pathways: Narratives of Female Academics and Administrators in Ugandan Universities, Draru Mary Cecilia. English-language edit. Doctoral dissertation for the Dept. of Anthropology and Development Studies, Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands (2017).

Gender, Nation and Religion in European Pilgrimage, Willy Jansen and Catrien Notermans (Ashgate 2012).

Ritual, Media and Conflict, Ronald L. Grimes, Ute Huesken, Udo Simons and Eric Venbrux (Oxford Ritual Studies Series, 2011).

Negotiating Rites, Ute Huesken and Frank Neubert (Oxford Ritual Studies Series, 2010).

Email me at susanlorrainescott@gmail.com to discuss your project. ESL authors welcome.